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Family Sea Kayaking Trips


Family Sea Kayaking Vacations
Vancouver Island, British Columbia

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Family Sea Kayaking VacationsOur sea kayaking adventures are a wonderful way for you to share a profound experience with your family. It is so important that children have opportunities to observe and interact with nature. Joining one of our trips means that we'll be looking after the details so you can focus your energy into creating memories with your family.

Plan a sea kayaking tour with us and take the opportunity to enjoy a unique family vacation. All of our trips are suitable for young people ages sixteen and older.

Our three-day North Gulf Islands sea kayaking trips and our four-day Johnstone Strait Orca adventures are well suited for and, are the most popular trips for families with children as young as thirteen years.

If you have very young children and you would like your children to join you on any Pacific Northwest Expeditions sea kayaking tour, we ask that you contact us to discuss possibilities.  Pacific Northwest Expeditions would be pleased to help you plan your family sea kayaking adventure!

A Child's Experience

In 1998 a young couple joined us for a trip in Johnstone Strait and then years later joined us again for another trip, this time with their two young daughters.  One of their daughters shared her experience in this adorable short story.

Group Rate Discounts

We offer group discounts and incentives, more information is available here>>.


Another year, another great trip!!
As always it’s a combination of your company and the surroundings
that has made kayaking with the two of you a family favourite.
The numbers are in it looks as though we’ll be joining you
next year in “the Strait” again.
We all enjoyed the Gulf Islands, the scenery is AWESOME,
I saw things on this trip that I’ve never experienced before,
or dreamed of for that matter.

The Kelly Family
Alberta, Canada

Pacific Northwest Expeditions
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