Sea Kayaking Tours with Pacific Northwest Sea Kayak Expeditions, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
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About Our Sea Kayaking Trips


Sea Kayaking Tours
Vancouver Island, British Columbia

"We need the tonic of wildness…and nature.”
Henry David Thoreau

Our sea kayak tours are all about helping you access coastal wilderness, so you can enjoy it in every way possible. Sea Kayaking with FriendsYou'll experience enough challenge to ensure adventure, with sufficient personal attention that you will feel safe and comfortable at all times. Alone, with a friend, or even your whole family, your enjoyment of sea kayak touring and the outdoors will be enhanced when you join one of our adventures.

Come to one of the most beautiful places on earth and enjoy the satisfaction of learning a new sport (or indulging a passion already discovered).

Be prepared for unexpected encounters with wildlife. Eat hearty food with an appetite inspired by fresh air and exercise. Share the pleasure of photography or birding, playing cards or conversation with others like yourself who are interested in nature and the outdoors. And best of all ...relax, while we take care of the details.

The quality of your entire vacation is important to us. Referrals are available from past guests and most importantly those who know us best, our guides.

No Kayaking Experience Required

Our sea kayak tours are suitable for novice and experienced paddlers alike. We begin each trip with an orientation to the sea kayaks followed by on-the-water safety considerations and basic paddling skill instruction. Our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable and safe by the time you get on the water.

You'll soon handle your kayak with confidence, and you can expect to not only refine your techniques over the course of the trip, but also to be introduced to new skills and ideas throughout.

By providing both double and single person touring sea kayaks we are able to meet the varying needs of a group as well as accommodate the desires of individuals. Please note: Eskimo rolls are NOT a required skill.

While our trips are not considered to be strenuous or physically demanding, and we do not require a high level of fitness, good general physical condition is necessary.

Trip Cuisine

Sea kayak trip cuisineIf you love food, we want to feed you! Many delicious meals have been consumed (in the name of research, of course) so that the cuisine coming out of the 'Blackfish Galley' is as memorable as the rest of your trip.

Your guides will skillfully prepare all your mouth- watering meals with menus developed by Pacific Northwest Expeditions. We use local organic produce, often from our own garden, to create delicious west coast fusion cuisine. Our province is home to people from many cultures and we take full advantage of all the wonderful ethnic flavours that are available to us.

You'll burn plenty of calories so eating lots is mandatory! In the event that you have special dietary requirements or food intolerance, please let us know at the time you are making your reservation.

Vegetables are a must on a diet.
I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.

Jim Davis

Our Commitment to Trip Safety

Since 1998, Pacific Northwest Expeditions has worked in coastal marine wilderness settings, operating sea kayaking adventure programs for active adults and families. Part of our reputation as a leading outdoor adventure company has been built on our impeccable safety track record. We have committed to a 'culture of safety', incorporating into our programs comprehensive risk management strategies and protocols. Pacific Northwest Expeditions Ltd. gives detailed program preparation, staff to client ratios, staff training and qualifications, the highest priority.

Physical Conditioning

All kinds of people, with varying degrees of physical abilities have been lured into the seat of a touring sea kayak. The correct position in that seat is surprisingly comfortable and can accommodate a wide range of gluteus. On the average we spend four to six hours a day paddling, with stops for snacks, lunch and stretches. We plan our days to take advantage of wind and currents, but at times conditions can make paddling more challenging. Our trips are not strenuous, and to enjoy you need only be healthy and have an appreciation of the outdoors, along with a sense of adventure. We are not able to determine if your own fitness level is appropriate. If you have any concerns, please contact us, and consult with your doctor prior to your trip.

Trip Group Size

Guests of Pacific Northwest Expeditions Sea Kayaking AdventuresSmaller groups leave fewer footprints! You will not only enjoy a more intimate outdoor experience, but shared human contact is also richer on a smaller scale. Maximum group size for our multi-day sea kayak tours is 10 guests accompanied by 2 naturalist/guides.. In some areas, BC Parks and Parks Canada have established group size restrictions. Pacific Northwest Expeditions strictly adheres to these restrictions. Make your reservation early to avoid disappointment!


Vancouver Island and the British Columbia coast provide some of the finest paddling found anywhere on the planet. Consequently most of the best paddling equipment available is manufactured here in British Columbia. For your enjoyment and safety, we source quality, Canadian manufactured paddling equipment. Your trip will have a mixed fleet of single and double touring kayaks. Usually, the choice is yours in terms of whether you paddle a single or a double (however we never guarantee the exclusive use of a single kayak due to safety or other logistical reasons).


Warm Pacific air keeps the climate on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands moderate and generally provides good weather all summer. Summer days are warm, however nights can be cool. Annual precipitation is light compared to all other British Columbia coastal areas and the Islands usually enjoy many more dry days than the mainland, however you must always be prepared for some rain and wind. Our sea kayaking tour dates attempt to take advantage of the best weather that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. A comprehensive list of suggested clothing to facilitate our weather conditions is included in your pre-trip information package. To view current weather information for Vancouver Island, visit the Environment Canada Weather Office website.

Wildlife Viewing

Whale Watching in Johnstone StraitThe thrill of observing a wild creature, especially if it is unaware of your presence, has to be one of the great pleasures in life. By engaging in responsible wildlife viewing we strive to avoid disrupting the natural life processes of the wild animals we encounter on our trips. We keep our knowledge of the flora and fauna current, through classes, lectures, and by active involvement in the protection of the environment. Binoculars are highly recommended for the best results in wildlife observation.

Our Commitment to You

Sea Kayaking Adventure on Vancouver IslandPacific Northwest Expeditions believes that each group deserves the best guiding possible. Professional naturalist/guides are involved in every Pacific Northwest Expeditions adventure. Each of our guides is a competent leader, an encouraging teacher, as well as being enthusiastic, patient, and fun. If this is your first wilderness paddling experience, your guides will be your reassuring companions, and if you are already an experienced paddler they’ll be there when you need them.


Pacific Northwest Expeditions
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