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Orca & Humpback Discovery Tour
6-Day Sea Kayaking Adventure


Sea Kayaking, Humpback & Killer Whales
Johnstone Strait, Blackfish Sound & The Broughton Archipelago 6-Day Sea Kayaking Expedition

If you are keen to view magnificent Killer Whales and other marine wildlife, this is the finest trip you could choose, and sea kayak touring is the most intimate way to experience it.

Sea kayaking with Killer Whales in Johnstone Strait, British ColumbiaThe Johnstone Strait area is world renowned as the best place on the planet in which to observe wild Orca Whales in their natural habitat. We have been leading sea kayaking tours in this area since 1993, and like the whales, we anxiously anticipate our return to Johnstone Strait each summer!

Along with our training in Killer Whale natural history and our involvement in their conservation, we put years of knowledge and experience into your trip. Touring with us will maximize your opportunities for wildlife viewing. You'll find that the Killer Whales are only a part of the rich web of life, and there is much more marine and terrestrial fauna and flora to discover.

As part of this trip we will travel across Johnstone Strait into Blackfish Sound and the Indian Group Islands, part of the Broughton Archipelago Marine Park. This myriad of Islands, provides habitat for many wild creatures including the magnificent bald eagle and is an area rich in Kwakwaka’wakw native culture, with ancient village sites still evident.

Our six-day sea kayaking / wildlife viewing tours are a perfect combination of sea kayak touring, wildlife observation and cultural experiences.

Spaces will be limited so reserve early to secure the dates you want.

Whale Watching - Humpback WhalesI loved it from beginning to end! I'm sure we had the best group ever -- I've never laughed so hard or for so long! Gillian, Brian and Michelle were brilliant guides... I was very comfortable with the entire affair. Please tell Gillian and Brian "thanks again" it was the most wonderful trip I've ever taken -- and I've been on some great trips! I think it was the combination of doing for oneself , the wonderful group experience, communing with nature and with the Orcas that made this trip so lovely. (The food was also unbelievable)!

Lynn Bastien
Michigan, USA

Trip Duration

6-days, 5 nights.
The group will meet at Telegraph Cove for 8:00 am on the first day of your tour. On the final day, we finish between 3:00 - 4:00 pm. Trip Dates.

Trip Departure

Your Johnstone Strait 6-day Orca adventure departs from Telegraph Cove, a 15-minute drive south of the coastal village of Port McNeill, situated on the northeastern end of Vancouver Island.

Trip Suitability

Sea kayaking and killer whales, Johnstone Strait, British ColumbiaNo previous sea kayak touring experience is required to participate on this trip. The Johnstone Strait 4-day Orca adventures are suitable for singles, couples and families with children as young as 14 years. The trip is progressive in terms of skills and therefore is suitable for a variety of paddling abilities – beginners are welcome.

While our trips are not considered to be strenuous or physically demanding, and we do not require a high level of fitness, good general physical condition is necessary. If you have any physical limitations or concerns please discuss with us.

A primary reason for the popularity of sea kayaking is the ease at which the boat can be propelled and the relatively quick learning curve. Throughout your trip your guides will provide tips to develop your paddling skills to enhance your experience and to avoid poor techniques that can lead to injury, fatigue or frustration.

Trip Accommodations

This trip is tent camping at our Spyhop Point camp and our private camp in the Broughton Archipelago. The camps have an established toilet facility, sitting area, and shelter.

Trip Meals

We provide all meals on your sea kayaking trip, including regular snacks, and hot beverages. If you have a particular snack food that you enjoy, or are the type of person who needs to snack regularly while active you are welcome to bring along your own personal supply.

We make our best effort to cater to those with food allergies and vegan diets. However we are not able to accommodate special diets that require a strict menu plan (e.g. low carbohydrate diets). If you have any dietary requirements, we ask that you contact us to determine if the menu plans can be adapted to your needs.

What We Provide

Pacific Northwest Expeditions provides virtually everything you will need for this sea kayaking adventure;

  • professional, certified guides
  • all meals, snacks and hot beverages starting with lunch on the first day through to lunch on the final day. There will be no expectation that you will be involved in either meal preparation or the washing of dishes. The guides are trained in safe food handling and enjoy serving you a great vacation.
  • touring sea kayaks (fibreglass single & doubles) along with all the required paddling equipment and on the water safety equipment
  • all the necessary wilderness kitchen and camping equipment
  • safety equipment and communication equipment
  • all public land and BC Park use permits
  • FUN! Included at no extra cost.

Guest Responsibility

  • Guests are responsible for their own transportation to and from the trip point of departure, Telegraph Cove, BC. Please visit our Travel Planner page for information on transportation options.
  • Accommodations, and meals prior to or after your trip, are not included. A pre-trip information package, which is provided to you upon receipt of your trip deposit, provides local accommodation and dining suggestions. It is advisable to make accommodation reservations in advance.
  • Please check with your health care plan administrator to ensure that you have sufficient coverage while participating on one of our tours. Pacific Northwest Expeditions is not responsible for any medical or evacuation costs should they be incurred for your safety or health during the course of the tour.
  • You will be provided with comprehensive information on suggested outdoor clothing for your trip. Your pre-trip information outlines suggested quantities to bring along to make your trip enjoyable for any weather conditions that could be encountered. A complete list of suggested equipment is provided in your pre-trip information package.
  • In order to keep costs down for this trip guests are required to supply their own tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad for this trip. If you do not have an adequate tent, sleeping bag or pad or would rather have us supply you this equipment they are available for a nominal rental fee. Rental Rates
  • Each guest will be required to sign a Pacific Northwest Expeditions' Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumptions of Risk, & Indemnity Agreement’ and complete a ‘Medical Questionnaire Form’, prior to the trip departure date. Any trip participant under the age of 19 years will be required to have a legal guardian sign an Indemnity Agreement. To view these documents please visit Terms & Conditions.

Responsible Whale Watching
(Be Whale Wise)

Killer whales in Johnstone Strait, British ColumbiaThe coastal waterways of British Columbia in which we operate is home to a wide range of marine animal species.   Pacific Northwest Expeditions recognizes that we have a responsibility to minimize the potential direct and indirect impacts of our activities on all marine wildlife.  This means ensuring that negative associations and impacts are avoided, and that animals can continue their normal life processes and use necessary habitats without disturbance.   It is our policy to follow the
Whale Wise Guidelines for Watching Marine Wildlife.

Trip Area

To view a larger version click on the map image.

Johnstone Strait 6-Day Sea Kayaking with Killer Whales Trip Area Map


Pacific Northwest Expeditions
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