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Johnstone Strait Sea Kayaking & Killer Whales
6-Day Wild Orca Sea Kayak Expedition

Whale of a Time

The London Fiancial TimesLondon Financial Times travel writer Michael Woods tells of his six-day Johnstone Strait trip with Pacific Northwest Expeditions.


Without a doubt, this was the most rewarding trip we have ever experienced. Kerry and Ian were absolutely awesome and so helpful with everything. Sid, Jan, Allie and I are hoping to come out again in 2009 for another trip ... wouldn't even consider anyone other than Pacific Northwest Expeditions! Thank you so much for everything.

Bob and Allie Richardson
Ontario, Canada

Johnstone Strait 6-Day Sea Kayaking AdventuresI don’t even have words to tell you how thankful we are with you. I had been the best trip of my life!!!! Kerry and Ian are just the perfect combination. They both are such incredible people, we learned a lot from them, on one side we had Kerry’s experience and sense of humour and on the other side we had the energy, passion and kindness of Ian. We can't stop talking about the trip so for sure that next summer you will have more Mexicans on the trips and for sure myself.. I am just so in love with the orcas!!! I adopted one !!!! The food was as if we died and went to heaven!!! Really there are no words that can express my gratitude.

Marcela Rodríguez

Thank-you for a wonderful 6 day kayaking trip of a lifetime. Dave and I had a really good time and were amazed at how well organized it was. I was very impressed by the high standards of cleanliness and could not believe how all this amazing food would just seem to appear before us when we were out in the middle of nowhere! (Well it was somewhere, but away from the conveniences of civilization.) Kerry explained how Gillian planned the menus and did the baking, etc. ...thank-you I don't think it could have been any better.
The camping sites were also well organized and to my relief there was an actual toilet to sit on! I loved the kayaking and was very thrilled to experience the orca whales fairly close on our first 2 days. I found Kerry very knowledgeable about the wildlife, plants and native-life and of course the kayaking itself. I will highly recommend this trip to people.

Nancy Yanaky
Ontario, Canada

On behalf of Sara, Kathryn Drew and Sean, I want to thank you again for a fantastic experience which we will all cherish the rest of our lives. The scenery and wildlife was indescribably beautiful and I doubt that its true beauty was captured by the photos we took. But the best part of the trip was meeting both of you. You are very special people.

Craig vonBehren
Pennsylvania, USA

I am back in Mexico, and really wanted to let you know what a great trip it was for me, and how professional and kind were both the guides at all times.  I wish you a lot of success with your business and hope that I shall have one day the opportunity to join another expedition with you. Yours sincerely,

Laurence Cattoire
Mexico City

I had an absolute blast on my Johnstone Strait trip, best vacation ever!!! 

Scott Anderson California, USA

Thank-you for such a wonderful experience. We will always remember the summer of 1999!

Tosh & Rika Akiok
Kentucky, USA

I want to thank you for what was the best vacation I have had in many years. It was everything I had hoped for and more! Brian & Gillian are delightful, the trip was well planned, and there was just the right balance of paddling and relaxing. Your meals were outstanding!

David Mooradd
Massachusetts, USA

I can't believe I was kayaking with you only two weeks ago, Vancouver Island and Johnstone Strait seems (and it is) so far, far away now. But that was, without doubt, the best vacation I've ever had!

Chie Nishida

My wife and I have joined Gillian and Brian each summer for the last 3 years in Johnstone Strait. The Orcas are the most beautiful and peaceful animals you'll ever encounter in the wild. We've already booked again for this year and literally can't wait to get back out there to see Brian, Gillian and the Orcas.

Mark & Karen Cacciapuoti
Massachusetts, USA

Thanks for the fantastic trip! I've impressed and amazed all of my friends with my pictures and stories from the trip. This is something I'll definitely do again. I have to say it was quite possibly the best vacation I've ever had.

Rick Wise

It was a fantastic trip and the highlight of my Canadian holiday.

Jackie White

I want to thank you for making the special arrangements to make my trip possible. I had a wonderful time, took some great pictures but the best pictures remain in my minds eye. The paddling was very memorable, flying back over what we paddled in a sea plane really added to the experience. Again, thank you and hope to see you again next year.

Gary Watkins
Colorado, USA

Brian and Gillian treated us with the warmth of good friends yet still attended to us very professionally through their skilful care and preparations. We indulged in excellently prepared fresh food, unforgettable sightings of Orca whales and the beautiful, peaceful scenery of the mountains and ocean. We have been many places around the world for vacations, and both of us agree, that our week kayaking off of Vancouver Island was our favourite trip thanks to Pacific Northwest Expeditions and the special people of Brian and Gillian

Laurie & Chris Croasdale
Minnesota, USA

Barb and I loved our time with you folks and the Orcas. It was an unique experience for people from the Midwest. The wonderful attitudes and values that you two demonstrate were very refreshing.

Jim & Barb
Michigan, USA

Thank you very much for the experiences that you provided on my Johnstone Strait tour. I can not remember a time where I recalled all the details of a vacation so clearly.

Robert Glessner
Utah, USA

We thoroughly enjoyed our Johnstone Strait trip. You both made it a most memorable and enjoyable trip. Your expertise at serving up gourmet meals in the wilds was talked about for months. Thanks.

Connie & Tom Roberson
Ohio, USA

Pacific Northwest Expeditions
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